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A&M Smoked Meats is a USDA artisan smoked meat wholesaler and boxed beef company, utilizing the best cuts of meats marbled or kosher. We are disciplined in attention to detail when producing the highest quality smoked meats from farm to shipping.

Our goal is to partner with you, and not push something on you ,you don’t need or want. A&M Smoked Meats specializes in small batches of smoked meats packaged for individuals, families and institutions.

We source cattle raised by ranchers who care for their animals from calving to adulthood. We follow the growth of the animal and the nutrients they are given for a rich satisfying marbling finish before we get it to our wood smokers and ready for your table. 

Our wood of choice for a sweeter milder flavor is pecan. The company founder who is originally from Louisiana smoked her meats according to a simple family formula and adheres to the same simple uses today: no additives, injections, or brines, just a dry rub of no more than a few spices.

Our private branding name is Commandr's Premium Smoked Meats... 

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