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A&M Smoked Meats is a artisan smoked USDA meat wholesaler dedicated to
producing the highest quality smoked meat product – whether it's beef, turkey, lamb, or any other type of meat.


Our smoking process doesn't include the use of injections, brines, or sauces. We use a simple mixture of a few family ingredients, dry rubbed, and let the meat itself do the rest of the talking. We don't believe in covering up the unadorned deliciousness that comes from the natural smoking process with heavy syrups or overpowering sauces. Our facility has state of the art smokers and uses wood only releasing that natural smokey flavor –
no liquid or other unwarranted chemicals.

There is no comparison.

Our signature pecan smoke delivers the best tasting smoked meats on the market.

Our History

Our founder discovered her love and passion for smoked meats at a very young age. At family gatherings it was almost guaranteed that Aqualita's plate would be filled with meat, and only meat – she didn't have time for side dishes, and let's not even talk about vegetables. This passion only grew as she got older and began learning everything there is to know about preparing meats over fire. Eventually she began her smoked meats journey by selling her own smoked meats on a food truck in DMV region (Smokin' on the Bayou) and the locals just couldn't get enough.

Cutting Woods

Our Trademark Taste

At A&M Smoked Meats we explicitly use pecan wood logs in our smokers which creates a more mild smoky flavor releasing a cleaner, more palatable smokiness that you just can't get from other types of wood.

Earning your trust in our smoked meats is a serious responsibility to us. That's why we stand behind all of our products 100%. We guarantee that our end product will be as high in quality today as it will be tomorrow and beyond.

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