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Smoked Meats Turkey Breast
Smoked Brisket BBQ
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Smoked Meat BBQ
There's no
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When it comes to your show piece for the house or event for great smoked meats, Its

No Sauces
Smoked Meat BBQ
No Injections
At COMMANDER's, we believe in the true essence of smoking - preserving the natural flavors and letting the meat speak for itself. Our smoking process is all about simplicity and authenticity. We proudly refrain from using injections, brines, or heavy sauces that can mask the unadulterated deliciousness that comes from the smoking process.

There is no comparison.

Our signature pecan smoke delivers the best tasting smoked meats on the market.

Our History

Our founder discovered her love and passion for smoked meats at a very young age. At family gatherings it was almost guaranteed that Aqualita's plate would be filled with meat, and only meat – she didn't have time for side dishes, and let's not even talk about vegetables. This passion only grew as she got older and began learning everything there is to know about preparing meats over fire. Eventually she began her smoked meats journey by selling her own smoked meats on a food truck in DMV region (Smokin' on the Bayou) and the locals just couldn't get enough.

smokin on bayou
Cutting Woods Pecan Logs

Our Trademark Taste

Our pecan wood imparts a milder smoky flavor, ensuring that the delicate taste of the meat remains the star of the show. It strikes the perfect balance, enhancing the natural flavors without overpowering them. The result is a clean and palatable smokiness that enhances your dining experience.

We believe in the integrity of our smoked meats, and that commitment extends to our promise of unwavering quality. From the moment our products leave our smokehouse to the time they reach your table, rest assured that they are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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